In order for information to be transmitted over the network, special rules and laws have been created that developers apply when creating sites. You need to understand that the World Wide Web is a limited speed of transmitted information. Due to low traffic transmission capabilities, some users and countries have problems with the distribution of large volumes of data (audio, video, etc.).

The Internet has its own programming language, which has its own specifics. In simple terms, the term “programming” can be described as a sequence of specific actions that a web application must perform. However, in order to avoid the need for computer repairs after their execution, one should have the skills to use these languages. While by writing a program you can quickly solve some mathematical problems, if you use it incorrectly, you can raise the voltage on the motherboard, which will lead to overheating and failure of the personal computer.

What is a script

Programs that are written in one of the web languages ​​are called scripts. Many sites offer to download one or another script that has certain functionality, so in most cases the webmaster does not need to write it himself. But you need to scan it for malicious fragments. Many hosts offer “php” support for extra money. What kind of “animal” is this, what it is “eaten” with, you should figure it out so as not to overpay too much.

You can create the simplest and most functional website on html. It will be quite efficient, but its automation will be minimal. But what if the resource contains more than a hundred articles, and each of them contains a link to a specific e-mail? It’s okay, but what if the developer changed the email? Manually fix a hundred pages? It is possible, but after such work it may be necessary to repair laptops, because a person is not a machine, and his physical capabilities are limited.

Psychology is also different for everyone. Using php, you can replace data with a single keystroke. The interactivity of the resource can also be provided using this programming language (forums, guest books, chats, video conferences cannot do without php). If the hosting supports php, then at any time you can install the necessary scripts on your site.

Which programming language to choose

Now in any device that surrounds us, there are more chips than in many computers. TVs, refrigerators, cars, telephones, machine tools, industrial equipment… Anything, even an electronic cigarette. It all works using electronics that someone has to program. And someone has to write this program. This is exactly what embedded developers do.

The main language we use there, as far as I know, is C ++, but assembly language, and even higher-level languages ​​like Java, are used there. Naturally, this is not quite the same Java as in Enterpise. All these languages ​​for this specialty are connected precisely by the scope – specific iron, very specific tasks and proximity to the lowest level – wires, electricity, radio waves.

The C++ languages ​​and assembly language are not the simplest anyway, and the fact that in addition to them you also need to know specific hardware, as you understand, does not make the task easier. So the barrier to entry is quite high. On the other hand, the work is interesting and with a lot of challenges. If you like programming arduinos, making your own quadcopter robots, programming alarms and writing your own firmware for android, you will love it there.

A separate bonus is how the workplace of an embeded developer looks like. If the rest of the programmers have a regular computer and one or two monitors, then the embeded developer has a real chic. A bunch of some incomprehensible half-dismantled iron, connected to each other by a hinged mount, all this is connected to the same half-dismantled computer, several monitors stick out from somewhere, some of which have sinusoids, strange images and diagrams. In general – a real cyber-punk.

But these are all jokes. In this case, it is enough to say only the facts – the entry threshold is high, the salaries are good, the prospects are excellent. I do not think that this area will ever begin to narrow. Processors will soon be inserted into clothes! So if you like pieces of iron, C ++ and wires, then this profession is for you.

UI development

This refers to the development of desktop applications – all sorts of Words and browsers. Is this specialty worth considering? Let me just say, forget it. It simply does not exist in Ukraine. Well, in noteworthy volumes. Yes, someone writes something somewhere, but this is such a disappearing market that it is clearly not worth considering it as your workplace.

Web development

Now is the 21st century, and even the smallest company is ashamed not to have its own website. Even business cards. And the need for these sites appeared not a year ago. Therefore, the Ukrainian market is full of offers for every taste and budget. Moreover, the proposals start with some absolutely ridiculous amounts, such as “for 500 UAH, we will draw a beautiful website for you with the efforts of one repeat student.” Well, there are enough companies that offer already quite sane solutions for reasonable money.

For a long time, everything in this market was completely occupied by PHP, with the exception of rather specific sites.

From the developer’s point of view, everything is very simple in this area – the entry threshold is very low (perhaps you won’t even be able to find anything lower), a fairly wide market where it’s easy to start (as I said) and there is room to grow. Although, in fairness, it must be said that due to the ease of entry into the market, salaries in this sector remained the lowest in the industry.

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