Increasingly, newcomers in search of high salaries are choosing programming with its opportunities and prospects. The IT industry does not stand still, it is developing at a rapid pace. Therefore, the need for programmers only increases every year.

Programming languages ​​quickly become obsolete, they are replaced by others. It is important for a specialist not to be scattered, but to choose one direction in programming and develop there.

At the very start, it is difficult for beginners to decide what to choose and what knowledge they need to get first. After all, a programmer is constantly improving his skills, taking additional courses to improve his skills.

Each direction of programming has its own subtleties. After all, even training programs for different areas differ in content.

Today, there are many directions that are suitable for beginners to start. But there are several types that do not lose their demand in the market, and specialists will always find a job to their liking.

Development of web applications

This is the most popular direction in which it is easiest for beginners to start on the market. But you will have to constantly study new trends and improve in order to beat the competition. Developers create various sites with rich functionality: online stores, blogs, news portals, advertising agencies, and more.

This direction can be divided into two specializations:

  • frontend. More suitable for creative people with good taste. Since specialists create the visual component of sites. It monitors the display of the site on various platforms, mobile devices.
  • backend. Specialists develop algorithms that manage website pages and functionality. Monitor the performance of the site as a whole.

Development of desktop applications

This direction is focused on the development of web applications (in other words, sites, but at present sites have such rich functionality that they can be called full-fledged applications).

Web programming can be divided into backend (writing server scripts – PHP, Python, Ruby) and frontend (development of user interface – Javascript, HTML, CSS).

Specialists create software for various operating systems. Every user of a desktop computer or laptop knows such applications. For example, to process photos, print texts, create video or audio files, you need special programs that you need to download from the application store.

Server Application Development. Working with banking databases, various gaming and IM servers (Skype, ICQ). Mobile Application Development. They create applications for smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other mobile gadgets. To implement an idea, a programmer needs to be creative. Only unique ideas can be released and monetized.

The most popular applications: mobile versions of social networks and banks, popular instant messengers, e-books, maps, translators. Embedded Systems Programming. Development of programs for various household appliances, from vacuum cleaners to navigators and electronic scales. Software development for various operating systems. All the variety of software that we use in everyday life. If you want to write your own photo processor, audio player or text editor, then you are here.

System Programming. Server and software control. In organizations with an internal network, such duties are performed by a system administrator. In addition, specialists can create various drivers for operating systems.

Programming for financial and accounting products

All enterprises and organizations have long switched to working in the 1C:Enterprise program. This program allows you to automate accounting, personnel, management accounting. Thanks to her, all reports will be generated with one click of the mouse. Some firms use various versions of this program, for example, “1C: Warehouse”. Basic knowledge of accounting is required to work on this program.

Database programming. Creation of databases capable of storing a huge number of parameters. For example, databases of users in any social network, Internet resource, organization. Science. This direction is closest to scientific developments. For example, modeling the Big Bang, the structure of DNA, neural connections.

By the way, recently the news about the search for a programmer in the “ancient” Fortran language, which is already over 60 years old, was published on the NASA website. A programmer was needed to develop programs to control the automatic probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, the software for which was written in Assembler, Fortran and COBOL back in the 1970s. You never know what knowledge might come in handy.

Features of the profession

Based on the analysis of mathematical models and algorithms for solving scientific, technical and production problems, the programmer develops programs for performing computational work. Draws up a computational scheme for a method for solving problems, translates solution algorithms into a formalized machine language. It determines the information entered into the machine, its volume, methods for controlling the operations performed by the machine, the form and content of the source documents and the results of calculations. Develops layouts and schemes for entering, processing, storing and issuing information, conducts a cameral check of programs.

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