identifies information security threats and data loss risks, develops and implements threat countermeasures and solutions to protect against information loss; ensures the safety and confidentiality of data; participates in the development and implementation of IT solutions

Mobile phones, computers, cars, and for some time even household appliances bind themselves and their owner with a huge amount of data. Information systems in business, trade and finance have reached gigantic proportions, as evidenced by the current cryptocurrency boom.

All this has led to the formation of new values ​​that are created or transmitted in cyberspace. Along with this, there was also a threat of theft of these valuables, their damage or substitution. To counter attackers, cybersecurity experts are needed who can protect information, predict the actions of criminals and create a secure architecture for using data.

Cybersecurity specialists work in large financial and IT companies, the value of such personnel is noted in government agencies, defense departments, where their main task is to ensure national security and prevent penetration into state infrastructure.

The need for such specialists is especially evident now, due to the increase in the number of cybercrimes and cases of cyberterrorism. Hacker attacks are registered in all corners of the world.


In any company there is a staff of employees associated with information technology. An information security specialist is part of their team. But, depending on the type of activity of a particular company, its specialization and the tasks it faces, it can perform different functions. This is where professional specialization comes into play.

A security engineer is a kind of provider to the world of security for the entire company. He develops security trainings and recommendations for internal groups of employees, evaluates security tools, assists in the selection of personnel, and is engaged in administrative work in the field of information security.

A cybersecurity specialist is a guru of computers, networks, and software. He is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s software protection tools work efficiently and reliably.

The Cloud Security Engineer is well versed in digital cloud platforms, specializing in protecting the databases stored on them.

An information security auditor is a pro in checking various systems that can be attacked.


An information security specialist belongs to the category of IT specialists. And here with training everything develops differently. Sometimes, to start in a profession, it is enough to complete courses, be interested in the field, and engage in self-study.

However, an information security specialist who applies for a good position is required to possess various skills. So, to study at a university or at least a college.


Every year, an information security specialist is becoming more and more in demand. Due to the pandemic, global companies announced their intention to increase the number of such employees. And this is understandable. State structures are developing interdepartmental electronic interaction – one cannot do without such a professional.

Banking organizations are actively implementing Internet banking – a similar situation. Insurers check customer stories through databases – the same thing. Whatever area you take, such a specialist is needed. After all, it is he who protects the infocommunication structure of the enterprise.

True, in a small company and in a state corporation, he will solve different problems, be responsible for different responsibilities. This must be taken into account in training and employment.

Prospects for the future

An information security specialist is a profession that has been one of the most sought-after IT specialties in recent years. The situation will not change in the near future. Against. With the development of information technology, an emphasis on remote work, and the transfer of data into electronic form, more and more such specialists are required. The main thing is to be able to see the details, quickly analyze the situation and be with the software on “you”. For such a professional, the brightest prospects are drawn.

What are the requirements for an information security specialist?

As technology advances, the list of requirements grows. There are a number of key skills that an information security specialist must certainly possess. First of all, to know the principles of construction and operation of networks, open systems interaction models (ISO / OSI), understand the principles of computer and network security, web applications.

Of course, it is desirable to speak English, understand the regulatory framework in terms of information security, have experience in automation and know the principles of operation of security tools, as well as Windows and Linux systems at the administrator level.

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